Web Projects

GitHub repository with code from select projects.

Projects I have led:

Find on the Shelf feature in Pratt Institute Libraries’ Catalog

Search for any item and click on a title to view the item. In the item view, there is a link to the right that says “Find on the Shelf.” This is a static HTML link in the item view template that, when clicked, calls a PHP script that retrieves each location and call number from the item record and displays a map of the item’s location.

I’m working on a program to generate these programs automatically, allowing updates that don’t require coding. Here’s a summary.

Milner Library Mobile Website

This was designed to integrate with the University’s mobile web site and just includes the features that are most often accessed from mobile devices.

Stacks Maps of Milner Library

A set of maps to help patrons find call number ranges in the stacks. See EBSCO EDS widget for a more dynamic version.


Currently under development (see GitHub eds repository), this is a script that pulls an item’s accession number from the EDS record then sends and AJAX request to a PHP script that requests holdings data for the item from the catalog API. This script parses the real-time holdings data, sends it back to the calling Javascript in JSON format and displays the holdings info along with a link to find the item on a map. When the user clicks on the map link, the location and call number are sent to a PHP script that uses the info to display the correct map.


Projects to which I have contributed:

Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection at the Indiana University Digital Libraries

Developed METS profiles and mappings between VRA Core and CDWA Lite to facilitate integration of images into other collections.

Sound Directions Preservation Packages

Updated METS profiles.

Indiana Magazine of History at the Indiana University Digital Libraries 

Updated METS profiles.

Slocum Puzzle Collection at the Indiana University Digital Libraries

Developed plans for creation and maintenance of metadata, creating a crosswalk from existing metadata to VRA Core.



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